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Unlike Cyrillic, Latin, and Greek encodings, it can take significantly more effort to translate and properly encode Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese. But it doesn't have to cost much more. (Just a little bit more.) can translate your web site or sales materials into those languages, as well as Korean and Urdu.

For Westerners, the various Asian languages can seem almost indecipherable. But they are spoken by nearly half the world's population, and the three most common ones - Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic - are used by over 600 million internet users worldwide.

But unlike languages such as Spanish and French, which still use the "ABCs", Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Korean have alphabets completely foreign to the American and European language systems. The cost of translating these languages is higher because of the additional complexities in grammar, and also the lower demand for such services.

At what point can you draw the line between attracting more customers vs. saving money by not translating your website?

One option is to create a summary page of your website in another language: e.g., you might have a 20-page commercial website in English, but if you want to also reach out to Arabic internet users without having to translate it all, you can always create a single Arabic page that more or less sums up what you have to offer, and (of course) still incorporates a shopping cart or purchase form.